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McNary (Version 4.2)  New in 4.2! 

This build process is currently available only on feature/1091 branch

Building Gridlab-d


CCMake or CMake-gui (optional)   
g++ or Clang


git clone

Prepare out-of-source build directory

Change directory into folder, and create build directory. Change to build directory and invoke `cmake` as described below:

cd gridlab-d
mkdir cmake-build
cd cmake-build

Generate the build system

CMake flags can be added using the `-D` prefix, and different build systems can be selected using `-G`.

Below is a general format guide, and an actual viable build command for most platforms.

# Format:
cmake <flags> ..
# Full Example: 
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/software/GridLAB-D -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -G "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" ..

Build and install the application

CMake can directly invoke the build and install process by running the below command. Multiprocess build is enabled through the `-j#` flag (`-j8` in the included example).

# Run the build system and install the application
cmake --build . -j8 --target install

CMake Variables

The following variables affect the build process and can be changed using the `-D` flag at build generation or by updating the cache using ccmake or cmake-gui (default values are shown).

Sets prefix for GridLAB-D install. It is strongly recommended to change this variable.

CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local  # linux/MacOS default
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=%ProgramFiles%  # Windows default

Sets build type. Options are 'Debug', 'RelWithDebInfo', 'MinSizeRel', and 'Release'. Options are case sensitive. Empty defaults to 'Debug'


Enable building with FNCS

To enable FNCS set the following flag to `ON`


To enable FNCS, several libraries are required. The following variables can be set in CMake or as environmental variables pointed to the install location of these libraries.

Libraries on the global include path may be detected automatically:


Enable building with HELICS

To enable HELICS set the following flag to `ON` If HELICS is in a custom path set `HELICS_DIR` to the install location in CMake or as an environmental variable


Enable building with MySQL

To enable MySQL support set the following flag to `ON`


These fields will be automatically populated if MySQL is detected. They can be manually specified if MySQL is installed in a non-standard location.


Enable build debugging

To output all build commands during build, set following flag to `ON`