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Checkpoints are a method of periodically saving the state of a simulation in progress to a file in such a way that the file can be loaded by another instance of GridLAB-D and resumed from the same state.

Checkpoints are enabled by defining the checkpoint_file to establish the base file name used for the checkpoint file.

The interval at which the checkpoint is saved is specified by the checkpoint_interval global variable. The checkpoint interval can either be based on the wall clock or the simulation clock depending on the setting of checkpoint_type global variable.

Normally, the checkpoint system keeps only the last checkpoint. However, all checkpoint images can be preserved using the checkpoint_keepall global variable.


#set checkpoint_file="savefile"
#set checkpoint_interval=3600
#set checkpoint_type=WALL

Command line

host% gridlabd -D checkpoint_file="savefile" -D checkpoint_interval=3600 -D checkpoint_type=WALL


Checkpoints were introduced in Version 3.0.

The checkpoint code is not fully implemented yet.

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