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A checkpoint is a state save of a long simulation that is only partially completed. Checkpoints can be done periodically either based on the elapsed wall-clock time or elapsed simulation time. When a checkpoint save is performed, a stream dump of the model is output to a checkpoint file. At the time of each checkpoint, the stream file contains the complete internal state of the model, which includes

  • global variables including module globals
  • internal system states including indexes, multiprocessing states, schedules, loadshapes, end-uses, and transforms
  • objects including all the internal state variables
  • open file handles and flushed positions
  • all other data required to ensure that the simulation can be resumed at the checkpoint

The following global variables are defined for checkpoint saving:

This defines the type of checkpoint used. Valid values are {NONE, WALL, SIM}. WALL indicates that the checkpoint_interval is based on the wall clock time, and SIM indicates that the checkpoint_interval is based on the simulation clock time. The default value is NONE.
This defines the name of the checkpoint to use. The checkpoint files will be named using a sequence number appended to the checkpoint file name, e.g., checkpoint_file.seq. The default checkpoint file name is the base name of the main GLM file.
This defines the interval in seconds between checkpoint saves. The default value is 3600, or one hour, when checkpoint_type is WALL and 86400, or one day, when checkpoint_type is SIM.
If this value is TRUE, all the checkpoint files are kept. If the value is FALSE, only the last checkpoint file saved is kept and all previous checkpoint files are delete. The default value is FALSE, meaning that only the last checkpoint file is kept.
This value identifies the sequence number of the next checkpoint file. The default is 0.

Checkpoints are enabled by setting the global variable checkpoint_type to either WALL or SIM.

A checkpoint file can be loaded and resumed using the stream command line options:

host% gridlabd --stream checkpoint_file.seq


Set the checkpoint save to the file test every 5 minutes of wall clock time:

#set checkpoint_type=WALL
#set checkpoint_file=test
#set checkpoint_interval=300

Set the checkpoint save to the GLM file name every hour of simulation time and keep all checkpoints:

#set checkpoint_type=SIM
#set checkpoint_interval=3600
#set checkpoint_keepall=TRUE


Introduced by --David Chassin 20:11, 11 April 2011 (UTC)
Added to 3.0 (r2414 13 April 2011)
Test file core/test/checkpoint_test_sim.glm added (r2415 13 April 2011)