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collector (mysql) - MySQL collector class Template:NEW30


module mysql;
object collector {
  property property-name;
  group group-spec;
  table|file source-table;
  mode {"w","w+","a","a+"};
  limit max-rows;
  interval seconds;
  connection database-object-name;
  options PURGE;


The mysql collector is designed to be compatible the the tape collector object so that when the mysql module is used in place of the tape module, there are few changes, if any, required to the collector objects.


Specifies the database object used to connect to MySQL. If none is provided, the last database defined is used.


A synonym for table for compability with collector file.


Specifies the group to use when collecting value. See collector group for details.


Specifies the sampling interval. By default the interval is specifies in seconds, but if units are specifies conversion will be automatic.


Specifies the file I/O mode to use, which may be either "w", "w+", "a", or "a+". If "w" or "w+" is used, the table is purged before data from the current run is added. If "a" or "a+" is used, the data from the current run is appended.


Specifies the recorder options, as follows:


Purges the table of all existing data (by dropping and recreating the table) before storing new data.


Specifies the property (or properties) that are to be collected. This is a comma-delimited list if more than one property is collected. Each property must have an aggregator function included. This may be one of the following
  • min(x), max(x), count(x)
  • sum(x), prod(x)
  • mean(x), avg(x), std(x), var(x), mbe(x), skew(x), kur(x), gamma(x)
Each property may include any valid part, e.g.:
  • for complex .mag, .ang, .arg, .real, .imag.
  • for random .a, .b, .high, .low.
  • for enduse .total, .energy, .demand, .breaker_amps, .admittance, .current, and .power (as complex parts), or .impedance_fraction, .power_fraction, .power_factor, .voltage_factor, .heatgain, .heatgain_fraction (as double parts).
  • for timestamp .seconds, .minutes, .hours, .days, .year, .month, .day, .hour, .minute, .second, .weekday, .yearday, .isdst


Specifies the source table from which data is read.


The following example collects the mean, sum, and count of samples drawn from a set of random values in 10 test objects and stores them in the default gridlabd database on the local MySQL server using the gridlabd username.

module mysql;
object database {
class test {
  random x;
object test:..10 {
  x type:normal(0,1);
object collector {
  property "mean(x),sum(x),count(x)";
  group "class=test";
  mode "w";
  table "test";
  interval 1h;
  limit 1000;


  • The limit is not enforced until at least one row is added. Therefore, it is likely that after a given run, the number of rows is increased by 1 even though the maximum number of rows has been reached.


The mysql collector was introduced in Hassayampa (Version 3.0).

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