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connection - Client/server connection module


module connection {
  lockout 10 s;


The connection module implements a common set of data exchange and co-simulation links for both clients and servers. Various underlying transport protocols are supported and various data format protocols are implemented by the classes of objects. A common security model is shared by all the interfaces ensuring that all external interaction are managed consistently across all the various connection types.


Each class joins three basic characteristics of a connection:

The data exchange protocol determines the name of the class. The follow classes (hence protocols) are proposed (red) or supported (blue):

implements XML links
implements JSON links
fncs_msg  New in 4.0!  
implements FNCS library for FNCS co-simulations.
helics_msg  New in 4.1!  
implements the HELICS library for HELICS co-simulations.
implements gridlabd links
implements volttron links
implements matlab links

The connection mode and transport are properties of the underlying class from which all connection classes are derived.


The following example sets up a simple XML server

module connection 
   security STANDARD;
class xml 
   mode SERVER; // enable server mode
   transport TCP; // use TCP for data transport
   from; // only accept incoming connections from the local host
   port 8080; // use port 8080 
   version 1.0; // use XML version 1.0
   encoding UTF8; // use 8bit character encoding
   schema ""; // use 3.0 schema
   stylesheet ""; // use 3.0 stylesheet
   security HIGH; // override default module security
   link "file:datamap.txt"; // datalink map from file (allows external link command lists);
   link "allow:local_object.var1 -> remote_1"; // permit data send
   link "forbid:local_object.var2 <- remote_2"; // forbid data receive
   link "presync:local_object.var3 -> remote_3"; // force data send on precommit, presync, sync, postsync, commit, or finalize


The connection module is proposed for Hatwai (Version 3.1). Its development is tracked under Ticket 797.

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