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deltamode_maximumtime - Establishes the maximum time that a subsecond (delta mode) simulation can run without returning to event mode


#set deltamode_maximumtime=3600000000000


The value of deltamode_maximumtime is given in nanoseconds (ns). When the delta mode elapsed time the delta mode simulation will stop and return to event mode regardless of whether the affected modules have all indicated that event mode is permissible.

The default value is 1 hour. It is assumed that most models will have some significant events within at least one hour. Values that may also be used frequently are 1 minute (60000000000) or 1 second (1000000000).

This is in intended to prevent a runaway simulation. If the simulation needs to return immediately to event mode it will do so without advancing the clock provided at least one of the module indicates that delta mode is desired.


This capability is introduced in Grizzly (Version 2.3).

The ability to use unit values (e.g., 1.0 hr instead of 3600000000000) was introduced in Navajo (Version 4.3).

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