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Dev:mysql - MySQL Programmer's Manual

The mysql module is designed to be compatible with the tape module such that any definition of an object created for the tape module will work when using the mysql module.

However, a number of important assumptions are made when using the default behaviors of the mysql module:

  1. The local host ( has a running MySQL server (see below) and is accepting connection on port 3306 (TCP) or the socket /tmp/mysql.sock.
  2. The user gridlabd has been created on the local host's MySQL server.
  3. The user gridlabd has no password for client on the local host.
  4. The user gridlabd has permission to create and administer the schema gridlabd.
  5. Only one instance of the class database is created.


To build GridLAB-D with the mysql module, you must install the MySQL Connector C library. The mysql module was developed using Version 6.0 of the library.

Linux and Mac OSX builds
The MySQL libraries must be installed prior to running ./configure and the libraries must be installed in /usr/local/mysql-connector-c. Because the downloaded files usually include the version number, you should create a symbolic link to the download folder:
host% cd /usr/local
host% ln -s mysql-connector-dir mysql-connector-c
Windows builds
The libraries must be installed in ;C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector C\include. Note that by default the MySQL Connector C installer includes the version number in the path so you should change the install folder to match the above path.


The autotest validation procedure for the mysql module requires a local running MySQL Server with the following

  1. A schema named gridlabd that is empty.
  2. A user named gridlabd with ALTER,CREATE,CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES,DELETE,DROP,INDEX,INSERT,LOCK TABLES,REFERENCES,SELECT,UPDATE access to the schema gridlabd with no password from host localhost (do not use the IP address Do not set account limits or any administrative roles for this user.

Note: It is very strongly recommended that you do not use the gridlabd user for any other purpose than testing and validation because the test procedures often include DROP DATABASE commands resulting in total destruction of all data in the gridlabd schema. If you use the NEWDB option on the default schema gridlabd you will get a warning such as

   WARNING  [INIT] : database:0 users NEWDB option on the default schema 'gridlabd' - this is extremely risky

but that's all you get before the deed is done. Obviously, autotests are expected to produce this warning because they typically use NEWDB on the default schema.

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