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Dryer - Residential Dryer (explicit model)


class dryer {
	parent residential_enduse;
	class residential_enduse {
		loadshape shape;
		enduse load; // the enduse load description
		complex energy[kVAh]; // the total energy consumed since the last meter reading
		complex power[kVA]; // the total power consumption of the load
		complex peak_demand[kVA]; // the peak power consumption since the last meter reading
		double heatgain[Btu/h]; // the heat transferred from the enduse to the parent
		double cumulative_heatgain[Btu]; // the cumulative heatgain from the enduse to the parent
		double heatgain_fraction[pu]; // the fraction of the heat that goes to the parent
		double current_fraction[pu]; // the fraction of total power that is constant current
		double impedance_fraction[pu]; // the fraction of total power that is constant impedance
		double power_fraction[pu]; // the fraction of the total power that is constant power
		double power_factor; // the power factor of the load
		complex constant_power[kVA]; // the constant power portion of the total load
		complex constant_current[kVA]; // the constant current portion of the total load
		complex constant_admittance[kVA]; // the constant admittance portion of the total load
		double voltage_factor[pu]; // the voltage change factor
		double breaker_amps[A]; // the rated breaker amperage
		set {IS220=1, IS110=0} configuration; // the load configuration options
		enumeration {OFF=2, ON=1, NORMAL=0} override;
		enumeration {UNKNOWN=2, ON=1, OFF=0} power_state;
	double motor_power[W];
	double dryer_coil_power[W];
	double controls_power[W];
	double circuit_split;
	double queue[unit]; // number of loads accumulated
	double queue_min[unit];
	double queue_max[unit];
	double stall_voltage[V];
	double start_voltage[V];
	complex stall_impedance[Ohm];
	double trip_delay[s];
	double reset_delay[s];
	double total_power[W];
	double energy_baseline[kWh];
	double energy_used[kWh];
	double next_t;
	bool control_check;
	bool motor_only_check1;
	bool motor_only_check2;
	bool motor_only_check3;
	bool motor_only_check4;
	bool motor_only_check5;
	bool motor_only_check6;
	bool dryer_on;
	bool dryer_ready;
	bool dryer_check;
	bool motor_coil_only_check1;
	bool motor_coil_only_check2;
	bool motor_coil_only_check3;
	bool motor_coil_only_check4;
	bool motor_coil_only_check5;
	bool motor_coil_only_check6;
	double dryer_run_prob;
	double dryer_turn_on;
	double pulse_interval_1[s];
	double pulse_interval_2[s];
	double pulse_interval_3[s];
	double pulse_interval_4[s];
	double pulse_interval_5[s];
	double pulse_interval_6[s];
	double pulse_interval_7[s];
	double energy_needed[kWh];
	double daily_dryer_demand[kWh];
	double actual_dryer_demand[kWh];
	double motor_on_off;
	double motor_coil_on_off;
	bool is_240; // load is 220/240 V (across both phases)

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