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engine link - GridLAB-D engine link target control file  New in 3.1! 


GLM file
link target-control-file;
Target control file
target engine
timeout seconds
interface type
cachesize megabytes


The engine link control file is used to establish a connection to an external application implemented using the glengine class library. It is always referenced by a link directive in a GLM file, i.e.,

link control-file;

The link control file may contain one or more of the following commands in addition to those supported by the link directive.


Specified the maximum number of seconds to wait before a message send or recv times out. A negative value is treated as a very large number. The default is 10 seconds.


Specifies the type of interface to used to transfer information between GridLAB-D and the application.


Specifies the size of the memory cache used by the engine. Note that is specified on the GridLAB-D side of the connection even though the cache is actually implemented on the application side. This is because the amount of data being transferred is known to GridLAB-D and the default value is automatically calculated by GridLAB-D based on the size of the global, import, and export data.


The engine link was introduced in McNary (trunk).

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