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environment - Control the operating environment for GridLAB-D


Command line
gridlabd -e {batch|gui|html|matlab|server|X11}
gridlabd --environment {batch|gui|html|matlab|server|X11}
GLM file
#set environment={batch|gui|html|matlab|server|X11}


When GridLAB-D starts it evaluates the environment global variable to determine the simulation's operating environment. Depending on the value of the variable, different start-up procedures are followed.


The batch environment is the default operating environment for GridLAB-D. This is a stand-alone command-line based operating mode when no GUI directives are found in the loaded GLM files. In batch mode, GridLAB-D simple loads the GLM files and run the simulation to steady state or stoptime with output directed by default to the stdout and stderr output streams.

If GUI directives are found and the operating environment is batch, the operating is automatically switched to GUI.


The GUI environment is used when GUI directives are present in any of the loaded GLM files. When operating in GUI model, GridLAB-d start a server instance and a browser instance that connects to it.

If there are not GUI directives present or either the server or browser processes fail to start properly, then GridLAB-D will fail to start properly.

GUI environment is in development as of McNary (trunk).


The HTML environment is used to force GridLAB-D to parse any GUI directives in the loaded GLM files and output them to stdout. When this process is completed, GridLAB-D exits without starting the simulation.

HTML environment is in development as of McNary (trunk).


The Matlab environment is used to start GridLAB-D as a Matlab CMEX module. Note that the CMEX module is not part of the standard GridLAB-D build. Any system using Matlab must have a license copy of Matlab installed.

Matlab environment is not fully supported as of McNary (Version 4.2).


The Server environment is used to start GridLAB-D as a HTTP/1.1 server.


The X11 environment is used to start GridLAB-D as an X11 server.

X11 environment is stub code as McNary (trunk) and is not included in McNary (Version 4.2) or Navajo (Version 4.3).

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