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Escape character - Prevents GLM parser from interpreting the next character in the usual way

The escape character in GLM files is the backslash (\). It is only considered when loading a value, such as

object my_test {
  value "\", \', or \; would stop parsing the value";

You can also use the escape character to prevent the macro parser from processor the ${name} sequence, such as

#define MYVAR=1
object my_test {
  value "$\{MYVAR\} could be confused as a macro expansion"; 


A good example of usage of the escape character can be found in the core mainloop test.


The escape character is supported as of Hassayampa (Version 3.0).


The escape character does not work while parsing macros, directives, names, blocks, etc. In these cases the \ is left in place and allowed to pass through to the loader.

MS Windows 
Although the convention in Windows originally is that directory names in paths be delimited using a \, Windows supports / delimiters. Consequently, the convention in GridLAB-D is to use exclusively / for paths. If you must use \ in a path value, then you must escape it by using \\.

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