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flush_interval - Specify the flush time interval for output of tape module


module tape {
  flush_interval 0 s;


The flush_interval global variable determines how often the output streams are flushed. Normally, output streams are buffered, so the file may not contain the data written to the stream for some time and possibly not until the simulation ends. When the flush_interval is non-zero, the output streams will be flush periodically at the interval specified by the flush_interval in seconds.

If the flush_interval is 0 (which is the default) the output is flushed only when the buffer is full.

If the flush_interval is negative the output is flushed based on the number of record written instead of the elapsed time. In this case, the number of records written before a flush is -flush_interval. Setting flush_interval to -1 would cause output to be flushed for every record.

Note that the flush interval is specified in simulation seconds and not wall clock seconds.


As of McNary (Version 4.2) flush_interval is only support for group_recorder objects.

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