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Silent load failures

Gridlab-D can find the file I'm trying to load, it even says how large the file is with --verbose. However, it immediately fails without a line number, and says that the file cannot be found! What's going on? 
Check what version of Gridlab-D you're using. If the version is Coulee (Version 1.2) or older, C-style double-slash comments will not be supported.

Can't find g++

On Windows, I'm trying to run a GLM file with inline classes, but Gridlab-D says that it can't find g++. What's g++ and how do I get Gridlab-D to find it? 
g++ is a component of MinGW that Gridlab-D uses to compile inline code prior to loading them. First make sure that MinGW is installed. Second, make sure that either the user environment variables (My Computer [right click] -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables) to include "PATH" with the value of the MinGW bin directory (likely c:\MinGW\bin ), or use #setenv path=c:\MinGW\bin within your GLM file.

Can't find rt/gridlabd.h

I'm using inline classes in my GLM file, and it can't load the file because Gridlab-D can't find the file "rt/gridlabd.h", and then gives me a big string of errors about things not being found or not being defined. How do I fix this? 
You need to add the GLM macro #define include="c:\Program Files\gridlab-d (or whether path you installed Gridlab-D to) to your GLM files. This will set the correct -I options for g++<t/tt> when it compiles your code. Make sure that there is an rt folder in the Gridlab-D install directory that contains gridlabd.h. If it's missing, manually add the rt folder and download rt/gridlabd.h from the SVN repository.