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#include - Macro to include file while loading a GLM file.


#include "filename"
#include using(name=value[,...]) "filename"
#include <filename>
#include [url]


There are three recognized types of #include macro directives. The first is used to include a regular GLM or CONF file. The second is used to include a C or C++ header. The third is to include an external URL (e.g., http://...).

When the variant using(name=value) is used, then the global variable name is set to value before the include file is loaded. This option disables strict global variable naming (strictnames and enables multiple include files allow_reinclude. Multiple global variables may be set using comma delimiters.


The first file of the specified name found in the GridLAB-D search path, GLPATH, will be loaded at the point at which the #include macro is found, after which the rest of the GLM file is loaded.

C or C++ Source Template:NEW30

The exact filename given will be added to the include statements written to the C++ source code before it is compiled. The header include statement will be added in the order in which they are found in the GLM file, including the class statements.

URL Template:NEW30

The URL is downloaded from the internet and stored in a local cache file using the URL as a name template with only valid characters showing. The file is not downloaded again once it is successfully copied and is always stored in the current directory.

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