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We have included questions we have previously received on installing GridLAB-D. If your problem is not listed here, then you should feel free to get help from us or from the person listed in the error report. On linux systems, please look at the config.log file to find out who the contact emails is and send the file to them.

Linux Systems

When installing GridLAB-D on a Linux system ./configure reports rm: core: is a directory

This is normal. Ignore it. In retrospect the choice of core for the name of the GridLAB-D's core module was a poor one.

When installing GridLAB-D on a Linux system ./configure reports error: Missing xerces-c headers

Xerces is not property installed and is required for the build and install to complete. Either install Xerces 2.8 from the Web or install the copy in the third_party folder in the source distribution.

When installing GridLAB-D on a Linux system ./configure reports checking for cppunit/config-auto.h... no

This is not a fatal build problem, but will result in self-test code being disabled. You can install cppunit from the Web or from the third_party folder in the source distribution.

Mac OS X

Building GridLAB-D on Lion or Mountain Lion (with XCode 4.5.1 or above)

The newer versions of XCode do not come with autotools. You have to manually install GNU autoconf, automake and libtool (there is libtool already but you will need libtoolize for installing gridlab-d).

Following the instructions in README-MACOSX when you run autoreconf -is. You may get errors like autoconf cannot find macros AC_PROG_LIBTOOL. To get rid of these errors run libtoolize command in the gridlab-d directory. This will copy/link files libtool.m4, ltoptions.m4, ltsugar.m4, ltversion.m4, lt~obsolete.m4 in ./m4 directory. These files have libtool macro definitions.

You may as well run into Incompatibility with newer autoconf. Use the patch given in the reply should solve the problem.

When building GridLAB-D on a Leopard autoreconf -is report ' already register with AC_CONFIG_FILES

This problem is associated with an incorrect version of autoconf. Version 2.6 seems to be the best version to use.

When building GridLAB-D on a Snow Leopard powerflow has undefined symbols

This is a known problem that has not been fixed yet. Aside from fixing the as-yet unknown cause, the next best thing seems to be building GridLAB-D's DMG on Leopard and installing that on your Snow Leopard system.