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LDFLAGS -- Set the C++ linker flags for runtime classes


#setenv LDFLAGS=g++-command-line-options
/bin/bash$ export LDFLAGS=g++-command-line-options


The default C++ runtime class linker options are as follows:

Generate a shared library (always included)
Generate 32-bit code (always included on 32-bit GridLAB-D versions)
Generate 64-bit code (always included on 64-bit GridLAB-D versions)
Use the standard C++ library (always included)

If debug output is enabled, the -g optional to enable linking with debugging symbols is added automatically. If you wish to enable debugging without debug output generated, you must add the -g option to both CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS.


This option is supported as of Keeler (Version 4.0)

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