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The libinfo command line option is used to display information about the library file that implements a module.

The information displayed relates to the following capabilities that may be implemented by a module

The major and minor version relate to the API level supported by the module. The major version is changed when features that are not backward compatible are altered. The minor version is changed when features that are backward compatible are changed. In other words, a module can always be loaded only if the major version is the same, however only a module with a same or higher minor version number that GridLAB-D's module API can be loaded.
A list of the implemented classes is displayed.
A list of exported functions and support function is displayed.
A list of the module's global variables is displayed.

Command line

host% gridlabd --libinfo|-L module_name


host% gridlabd -L residential
Module name....... residential
Major version..... 2
Minor version..... 0
Classes........... residential_enduse, house_a, house, waterheater, lights, refrigerator, clotheswasher, dishwasher, occupantload, plugload, microwave, range, freezer, dryer, evcharger, ZIPload, thermal_storage
Implementations... check 
Globals........... default_line_voltage default_line_current default_outdoor_temperature default_humidity default_solar default_etp_iterations implicit_enduses house_low_temperature_warning house_high_temperature_warning thermostat_control_warning system_dwell_time aux_cutin_temperature 

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