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Microwave - Residential Microwave (explicit model)


object microwave {
	// residential_enduse properties
	shape "type: unknown";
	load "power_factor: 0.000000; power.r: 0.000000";
	energy +0+0i kVAh;
	power +0+0j kVA;
	peak_demand +0+0i kVA;
	heatgain +0 Btu/h;
	cumulative_heatgain +0 Btu;
	heatgain_fraction +0 pu;
	current_fraction +0 pu;
	impedance_fraction +0 pu;
	power_fraction +0 pu;
	power_factor +0;
	constant_power +0+0j kVA;
	constant_current +0+0i kVA;
	constant_admittance +0+0i kVA;
	voltage_factor +1 pu;
	breaker_amps +0 A;
	configuration IS110;
	override NORMAL;
	power_state OFF;
	// microwave properties
	installed_power +0 kW;
	standby_power +0 kW;
	circuit_split +0;
	state OFF;
	cycle_length +0 s;
	runtime +0 s;
	state_time +0 s;

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