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minimum_timestep - Control the minimum timestep used during simulation


%host gridlabd -D minimum_timestep=1
%host gridlabd --define minimum_timestep=1
#set minimum_timestep=1


The minimum_timestep is shortest simulation time change allowed during a simulation. By default the minimum_timestep is 1 second and for more simulation this will not cause any performance issues.

However, for certain kinds of very large simulations the result of a short minimum_timestep can be very slow progress. In such cases, an increase in the minimum_timestep can improve performance.


There is one very important caveat that must be considered before using minimum_timestep to improve simulation performance. Increasing the minimum_timestep can cause the emergence of adverse effects such as state coherence. Under these circumstances, the state changes of object with time constants similar to the minimum_timestep can become highly coherent. This can lead to erroneous results if the diversity of state is an critical property of the aggregate simulation. Use of the minimum_timestep should only be considered after verification of whether a) state diversity is not a critical property and b) the time constants of objects are not on the order of the minimum_timestep.

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