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modify - GLM directive to modify a property of an existing object


modify value;


The modify directive allows GLM files to modify properties of an existing object after the object has already been created. This is particularly useful when object properties require additional information from a second source but it is not practical to include that information in the original object definitions.


In file model.glm:

module powerflow;
#include "objects.glm"
#include "locations.glm"

In file objects.glm:

object load {
	name load_1;
	groupid nodevolts;
	phases ABCN;
	constant_power_A 40000.000000+20000.000000j;
	nominal_voltage 2401.7771;
object load {
	name load_2;
	groupid nodevolts;
	phases BN;
	constant_power_B 20000.000000+10000.000000j;
	nominal_voltage 2401.7771;

In file locations.glm:

modify load_1.latitude 35N23.117; modify load_1.longitude 119W0.132;
modify load_2.latitude 35N23.146; modify load_2.longitude 119W0.132;


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