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module_compiler_flags - Control module compiler features


#set module_compiler_flags=VERBOSE|DEBUG|KEEPWORK|CLEAN


The module compiler has optional features that can be enabled or disabled using the module_compiler_flags global variable.


The VERBOSE option enables output of all system calls made by the module compiler. This is helpful for debugging the usage of environment variables such as CCFLAGS, DBFLAGS, and LDFLAGS.


The DEBUG option enables the production of a debugging version of the dynamic link library for use with gbd.


The KEEPWORK option disables the automatic deletion of intermediate files creating during the compilation process. This can help with debugging and troubleshooting compiler and linker problems.


The CLEAN option disables the automatic suppression of compiles for modules that are already up to date with respect to the source GLM file.


Module compiler options were introduced in Hassayampa (Version 3.0)

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