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GridLAB-D implements classes and solvers in modules. Modules can be either prebuilt and delivered as a dll, so, or dylib (depending on your computer platform and operating system), or they can be encoded directly in a GLM file as a runtime class.

The currently supported modules are

  • Climate : contains weather data and reads TMY2 files
  • Market : provides wholesale market simulation and responsive appliance controllers
  • Powerflow: simulates the distribution level power grid models
  • Residential : models a single-family home and various home appliances
  • Reliability: runs one-off reliability analysis on Powerflow models

The currently unsupported modules are

  • Generator: DG models act as a load on the system.
  • Commercial: models office buildings
  • Communications: models communications networks
  • GLJava: provides JNI interface for loading modules written in Java
  • Matlab: provides a Matlab interface for defining classes in Matlab. This is superseded by the [Matlab link] core function.
  • MatPower: solves optimal power flow using the MATPOWER solver
  • Network: models balanced electric networks
  • PLC: models programmable logic controllers

The following modules provide debugging and I/O functions

  • Assert: contains objects that are used in test modules by breaking the simulation if observed values deviate from expected values.
  • Tape: object boundary condition I/O module

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