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MySQL Import/Export - Import/export for MySQL databases


export mysql [options] schema;
import mysql [options] schema;


The import and export functions are supported for MySQL databases. The export directive saves the current model to the MySQL database named schema. The import directive loads a model from the MySQL database named schema.

The module global table_prefix can be used to stored multiple models in the same database. The default table_prefix is an empty string.



Data Dictionary

The following tables are used by the import/export proceduce in the mysql module:


Table of globals
Column name Data type Flags Default
name char(64) PK/NN
type int(11) NULL
flags int(11) NULL
value text NULL
unit text NULL
description text NULL


The modules table lists the module in use and their corresponding version information.

Table of modules
Column name Data type Flags Default
name char(64) PK/NN
major int(11) NULL
minor int(11) NULL


The classes table lists all the classes and properties defined (including those not in use). Runtime classes and properties are listed with a NULL module name.

Table of classes
Column name Data type Flags Default
id int(11) PK/NN/AI
name char(64)
module char(64) NULL
property char(64) NULL
type int(11) NULL
flags int(11) NULL
units text NULL
description text NULL


Table of objects
Column name Data type Flags Default
id int(11) PK/NN
class char(64) NULL
name char(64) NULL
groupid char(32) NULL
parent int(11) NULL
rank int(11) NULL
clock timestamp NN '1970-01-01 00:00:00'
valid_to timestamp NN '1970-01-01 00:00:00'
schedule_skew timestamp NN '1970-01-01 00:00:00'
latitude double NULL
longitude double NULL
in_svc timestamp NN '1970-01-01 00:00:00'
in_svc_micro int(11) 0
out_svc timestamp NN '1970-01-01 00:00:00'
out_svc_micro int(11) 0
rngstate int(11) NULL
heartbeat timestamp NN '1970-01-01 00:00:00'
flags int(11) NULL


Some properties have extended specifications that are not captured by a simple read of the value. These specifications are stored in the properties table.

Table of Extended Properties
Column name Data type Flags Default
id mediumint NN
property char(64) NN
type char(16) NN
specs text


Schedule transformation use the schedule name as the source. A direct transformation uses the object name and property in the form The target is always specified in the form

The specification for the linear transformation uses the form *scale+offset. An external function uses the form


where x1, x2, ..., xn and y are all specified in the form
Column name Data type Flags Default
source char(255) NN
target char(255) NN
specification text NN


Schedules are recorded in the original input form which there were defined. See schedule for details.

Table of Schedules
Column name Data type Flags Default
name char(64) PK/NN
definition text

Property types

Property types
Value Description
0 void
1 double
2 complex
3 enumeration
4 set
5 int16
6 int32
7 int64
8 char8
9 char32
10 char256
11 char1024
12 object
13 delegated
14 bool
15 timestamp
16 double_array
17 complex_array
18 real
19 float
20 loadshape
21 enduse
22 randomvar
23 triple (unused)
24 triplex (unused)
25 property keyword (internal use only)
29 parent class (internal use only)

Property flags

Property flags
Value Description
0x0001 Property recalculation is pending
0x0002 Property support single character set and enumeration keywords
0x0004 Property was added at runtime
0x4000 Property is deprecated without usage warning
0x8000 Property is deprecated with usage warning

Object flags

Object flags
Value Description
0x0001 External PLC is active (disables internal PLC code)
0x0002 Object is locked (write is pending)
0x0004 (reserved)
0x0008 Object recalculation is pending
0x0010 External memory (allocated in memory that cannot be freed by the core)
0x0020 Skipping updates is safe
0x0040 Object is currently operating in delta mode
0x0080 Object supports forecasting
0x0100 Object initiatlization was successful
0x4000 Reranking flag (internal core use only)

Class tables

Class tables are created with the naming convention module_class, with the exception of runtime classes, which are named _class. The fields in the class tables will depend on the properties defined in the classes. There is always an id field that is a key into the objects table. All other fields are of type text.

The data recorded in properties fields is always formatted as text. Double and complex values with units will include the units. Complex values may be formatted in various ways depending on the convention, e.g., real/imaginary or magnitude/angle. Timestamps include the timezone.


Special data types that are implicitly double (e.g., randomvar, loadshape) will always save as double. The original specification for the data type is not stored and only the realization of the value is stored. The implies that round-robin export-import may not always yield exactly the same model as the original GLM file. However, import may contain the full specification and will be interpreted accordingly.


The MysQL Import/Export capability was developed under Ticket 950.

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