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NOW - Global variable to get the current system timestamp




The NOW global variable dynamically generates a current system timestamp. This can be used to generate object names, file names, and database entities that are related the current system time.

The format of the timestamp is



  • YYYY is the year (1970-2038)
  • MM is the month of the year (01-12)
  • DD is the day of the month (01-31)
  • hh is the hour of the day (00-23)
  • mm is the minute of the hour (00-59)
  • ss is the second of the minute (00-59)

The timestamp is given only as UTC.


The following code defines a class test with a random variable x. The name of the object is based on the timestamp.

class test {
  random x;
object test {
  name test-${NOW};
  x "type:normal(0,1); refresh:1min";


The timestamp variable was introduced in Hassayampa (Version 3.0).

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