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Navajo (Version 4.3) is a minor upgrade of GridLAB-D planned for Fall 2020. Changes and improvements in Navajo will be outlined here.

New Capabilities

  • Ability for global #define statements to take unit values - deltamode_timestep utilizing
  • Addition of global to force complex output format
  • Addition of internal load order for deltamode modules, to make sure things execute in proper order
  • Addition of three-phase or higher-voltage connectivity to the house model
  • Addition of HELICS-interfaceable event field to eventgen object
  • Improvement to house to enable adding the powerflow induction motor to house HVAC models
  • Improvement to evcharger_det to include simple subsecond capabilities and simple SAE J2894 capabilities
  • Addition of powerflow flag to convert models to constant impedance at particular voltage triggers (outside in-rush)
  • Improvements to multi-island powerflow capabilities, including the ability to solve them separately
  • Improvements of wind power capability curve
  • Addition of inverter_dyn object - a new microgrid/dynamics-oriented inverter
  • Addition of DC model to solar object for use with inverter_dyn
  • Addition of sync_check object
  • Addition of ability to export the right-hand-side vector as part of the NR matrix dump

Bug Fixes

  • Performance improvements to NR solver
  • Fixes to compilation process and files to better handle MSYS2 and cross-platform consistency
  • Fix for _err autotest checking so a failure to fail is not considered a success
  • Fixes for HVAC operation with a tripped breaker
  • Fixes to diesel_dg and existing inverter object for deltamode initialization
  • Fixes to frequency calculation methods to better handle deltamode/QSTS transitions
  • Fix so base line objects can take matrix definitions, though not encouraged
  • Fix for normalized schedules
  • General clean-up of generator and powerflow objects and headers for new API and eliminate erroneous inclusions
  • Tickets (tickets relating specifically to the development of this version)

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