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The processor affinity API uses a global map of the processor affinities for all instances of GridLAB-D running on a machine. To display the global process map, use the --pstatus command line option.

host% gridlabd --randtest & gridlabd --pstatus
PROC   PID STATE                      CLOCK COMMAND
   0 16807 Running                     INIT /usr/lib/gridlabd/gridlabd.bin --pstatus
   1 16808 Running                     INIT /usr/lib/gridlabd/gridlabd.bin --randtest

This global map can become corrupted in the event of the failure of an instance of GridLAB-D that leaves a zombie entry in the process map. In such circumstances the --clearmap command option can be used to purge the map. A process can be killed and removed from the list using the --pkill command option.


This feature is new as of Version 3.0.

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