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realtime_metric -- Realtime performance metric  New in 4.0! 


host% wget http://server:portnum/protocol/realtime_metric


The realtime_metric global variable is used to monitor the performance of the realtime simulation. The value of the metric is calculated using the infinite impulse response (IIR) filter [math] realtime\_metric = 0.9 realtime\_metric + 0.1 (1 - t_{update}) [/math] where [math]t_{update}[/math] is the time required to make a single 1 second update of the simulation. This value is updated every second. The IIR filter has unit step response of about 30 seconds to reach 95% of the steady state value.

A value near 1 indicates that the simulation has plenty of spare time to complete each update. A value near 0 indicates that the simulation is very little time available to complete each update.


The realtime_metric was introduced in

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