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Main Release Process

The following process is used for clearing a release.

  1. Every night a build for each platform that is supported is completed. The build is named gridlabd-platform-date-nightly. An installer extension is added that is platform dependent.
  2. For each platform, if there is not current candidate release and the nightly build passes autotest, then the nightly build is renamed gridlabd-platform-major_minor-candidate-id and the availability of the candidate for that platform is announced to the news group.
  3. If a major, critical, or blocker reported bug for a candidate is found, the candidate is rejected and it is deleted from the server.
  4. If a candidate survives for a week without being deleted it is adopted as the final release for the version in question by being renamed gridlabd-platform-major_minor_0.

After a version is released, the process continues, but only as patches named gridlabd-platform-major_minor_patch.

Expected platforms are

Windows XP, Vista, and 7 on 32bit Intel platforms.
Windows XP, Vista, and 7 on 64bit Interl platforms.
mac os x 
Redhat n RPM.
All gnutools-capable platforms