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Application concept (zFault Method)

The purpose of zFault method is to study the effects of various faults on a power system. These studies will be performed by adding zFault capabilities to power-flow module in GridLAB-D

Performing Fault analysis on a power system with multiple swing nodes is not expected to be part of the GridLAB-D functionality at this time.

Use Case

Initial plans are to use this capability to perform fault studies complex urban downtown feeders - as part of the smart-cities research.

General Requirements

zFaullt method shall perform fault analysis to find fault current and fault voltage at a particular node for unbalanced mesh distribution systems.

Below are the required capabilities:


Method will solve for fault parameters when a fault is imposed on the system


Method will support meshed topology


Method will support unbalanced systems


Method will provide fault current for supported types of faults


Method will provide indications of voltage influence for supported types of faults


Method shall be part of the power-flow module

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