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REQUIREMENT  Approval item: 

Application concept

The switch object is being simplified to serve as the simple electrical disconnect device. Additional functionality, such as synchronization check, reclosers, and sectionalizers, will be provided via add-on devices, such as the Sync_check object.

Use case

Updated switch objects will be set up to provide the ability to connect or disconnect two node objects in powerflow. The base object will accomplish this through a simple published property, which more complex/add-on devices will use to interface.

General requirements

The updated switch is meant to be as simple as possible, just providing the connect/disconnect ability. Any additional logic and functionality will be in add-on modules.

The final implementation of the switch will meet these requirements:


The switch object will be based on the link class


The switch object will provide a mechanism to electrically separate the from and to nodes


The switch object will support the Forward-Backward Sweep solver method


The switch object will support the Newton-Raphson solver method


The presence or absence of the electrical connection will be dictated by a boolean property.


The switch object will only operate in a banked capacity.


All phases present will be connected/disconnected simultaneously


Individual phase capabilities will be done via multiple switches of the individually controllable phases


The switch object will support the SW event type in the reliability module.

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