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Simulates single-family homes with various appliances, electronics, and occupants.


module residential;
module residential {
  default_outdoor_temperature 74.0 degF;
  default_humidity 75.0 %;
  default_etp_iterations 100;
  house_low_temperature_warning 55 degF;
  house_high_temperature_warning 95 degF;
  thermostat_control_warning TRUE;
  system_dwell_time 1 s;
  aux_cutin_temperature 10 degF;


As of Four Corners (Version 2.2)
  • house – Single-family home model.
  • residential_enduse – Abstract residential end-use class.
  • waterheater – Typical residential water heating appliance.
  • ZIPload – Generic constant impedance/current/power end-use load.
As of Hassayampa (Version 3.0)
These may be available in earlier versions but they have not been validated and are not supported.
  • lights – Typical residential lights.
  • occupantload – Residential occupants (sensible and latent heat).
  • plugload – Typical residential plug loads.
These may be available in many versions but they have not been validated and are not supported.
  • clotheswasher – Typical residential clothes washing appliance.
  • dishwasher – Typical residential dish washing appliance.
  • dryer – Typical residential clothes drying appliance.
  • evcharger – Standard electric vehicle charger.
  • freezer – Typical residential freezing appliance.
  • microwave – Typical residential microwave appliance.
  • range – Typical residential cooking appliance.
  • refrigerator – Typical residential refrigeration appliance.



Due to parsing limitations on arrays default_line_voltage, default_line_current, and default_solar cannot be set from a GLM file.

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