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sanitize_offset - Specifies the offset to use when sanitizing models of position information Template:NEW30


gridlabd -D|--define sanitize_offset=Δlat,Δlon
gridlabd -D|--define sanitize_offset=Δlat/Δlon
gridlabd -D|--define sanitize_offset=
gridlabd -D|--define sanitize_offset=destroy
#set sanitize_offset=Δlat,Δlon
#set sanitize_offset=Δlat/Δlon
#set sanitize_offset=
#set sanitize_offset=destroy


When position information in objects is sanitized it can be altered by a specified offset, moved by a randomly chosen constant offset, or it can be completely destroyed.

To move objects by a specified offset, the Δlat and Δlon must be provided.

To move objects by a randomly chosen offset, an empty string must be provided. All objects will be moved by the same random amount.

To complete destroy position information, the term "destroy" must be provided.

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