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The Neutral-Earth Voltage implementation of GridLAB-D will require many changes to the underlying powerflow source code. These specifications outline the expected implementation and hope to resolve any conflicts prior to actual coding.


To ensure all specifications are compatible and discussions are consistent, the following terms will be utilized for NEV-related discussions and specifications.

Table 1 - NEV Terminology
Term Definition
Bus Connection point of link-based objects, representing a point of voltage potential. Interchangeable with node.
Connection A specific wire or relationship between two phases of distinct buses/nodes/terminals. e.g., the wire representing phase A between two nodes.
Link Connection between two distinct buses or nodes. A physical, specific connection implementation (e.g., a 3-phase line). Can be composed of multiple phases, so long as it is consistent between the from bus/node and to bus/node (i.e., link can't change form between two buses/nodes).
Load An electrical path between two distinct phases/terminals on the same bus that consumes/produces some form of power. Under old powerflow implementations, this was a current, impedance, or power shunt between a phase and an implied zero-potential reference. A line-to-ground fault could be implemented as a low-impedance load connection between a terminal and the ground plane.
Node Connection point of link-based objects, representing a point of voltage potential(s). Interchangeable with bus.
Phase An individual voltage potential specification on a node or bus. Phase "A" is a very specific implementation, but this will be more generalized for the NEV-related implementation. This will be numeric based for new implementations (e.g., ABC could be 1,2,3). Phase points are defined as terminal connections within the NEV solver framework.
Terminal A generalized, individual voltage potential specification on a node or bus. Synonymous with "Phase" under the ABC convention, this will be referenced by number instead. 64 unique phase "specifications" will be supported for flexibility. e.g., phase A could be phase 1, phase B could be phase 2, etc.


The following pages will contain specifications for individual aspects of the NEV solver implementation. Note that these pages are not stand-alone and a significant amount of overlap is expected. Please be sure to review all specifications pages.

NEV Data Formatting

NEV Link Objects

NEV Node Objects

NEV Solver Implementation

Other Module Interactions

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