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test - Self-test command line option


gridlabd --test test1 [ test2 [... [ testN ] ] ]


Prior to Diablo (Version 2.0) the --test option runs all the cppunit tests, which are deprecated as of Diablo (Version 2.0).

As of Hassayampa (Version 3.0) the --test option runs the specified test routines. The test routines may be any of the internal test routines, i.e.,

  • dst - daylight savings time rule test (see --dsttest)
  • rand - random number generator statistics test (see --randtest)
  • units - unit conversion system test (see --unitstest)
  • schedule - schedule system test (see --scheduletest)
  • loadshape - load shape generation test (see --loadshapetest)
  • enduse - enduse property test (see --endusetest)
  • lock - memory locking test (see --locktest)

In addition, each module may export a test routine, as indicate by the --libinfo output.

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