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note over Users,Sponsors: Identify Work Areas
Users->GM: Work Areas

note over Sponsors,GM: Approve Work Areas

note over GM,PM: Develop Annual Plan
GM->Sponsors: Annual Plan
note over Sponsors: Approve Annual Plan
note over GM,PM: Develop Work Plan

note over Users,Sponsors,GM,PM,Designer,Coder,Documenter,Tester,Builder,Instructor: <> PROJECT BEGINS <>

note over Users,Sponsors: Identify Application Concepts
Users->GM: Application Concepts
note over GM,PM: Create Use Cases

GM->PM: Use Cases
note over PM,Designer: Develop Requirements
Designer->Users: Requirements
note over Users,Sponsors,GM,PM: Approve Requirements
note over PM,Designer,Coder: Develop Specifications

note over Users,Sponsors,GM,PM,Designer,Coder,Documenter,Tester,Builder,Instructor: <> DESIGN APPROVED <> 

note over Coder,Documenter,Tester
  Implement & Document Code
  Write User Manuals
  Develop Test Plan
end note

Coder->Builder: Code
Documenter->Instructor: Documentation
note over Tester,Instructor
  Build Release Candidate
  Validate Release Candidate
  Develop Courses
end note
Tester->Builder: Release Approval
note over Builder: Build Release

note over Users,Sponsors,GM,PM,Designer,Coder,Documenter,Tester,Builder,Instructor: <> VERSION RELEASED <> 

Instructor->Users: Courses
note over Users: Use Version
Users->PM: Defect Reports
note over PM,Designer,Coder,Documenter,Tester,Builder,Instructor: Resolve Defect Reports