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Validation - Validation methods


host% gridlabd processing-options --validate test-options

Validation of GridLAB-D builds is performed immediately after the compilation process is completed. Each branch in GridLAB-D's source tree is compiled automatically when new code is posted. If the validation process runs without error, the new download image is posted to SourceForge's download page for GridLAB-D.

There are two exceptions to this process.

Nightly builds 
The trunk is compiled and uploaded regardless of whether they pass validation.
Ticket builds 
Tickets are not compiled, validated or uploaded.


Every validation file must be located in one of the autotest folders. When you create a new module, you should create the autotest folder to allow these files to be uploaded. The contents of an autotest folder can be disabled by adding a file called to it.

The naming conventions for validation files determines whether and how the file will be tested. The file name template for test files that must pass is


Test files that must fail (e.g., to check error handling) must be named either




depending on whether the failure is expected to be an error or an exception.

You may add optional test files using the name


These test files will only be run if the TOPT flag is used.


As of Hassayampa (Version 3.0) only the GLM validation test files are copied to a subdirectory given the same name as the GLM test file name but auxiliary files are not copied. As a result any reference to an input file (e.g., included GLMs, players, TMYs, conf files, link files) must be to the parent directory where the test files are posted.

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