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version -- Obtain version information


host$ gridlabd --version


The --version command line option is used to display the version of GridLAB-D. The message displayed is actually a concatenation of the major and minor numbers, the patch number, the build number, and the branch name.


The major version of GridLAB-D is changed whenever changes are made to the simulation that are not backward compatible. Changes such as the removal of a class or module, or a substantial change in the implementation that will significantly alter the result of simulation will be made only when major versions are released.


The minor version of GridLAB-D is changed whenever changes are made that are backward compatible within a major version, but are nonetheless substantive.


The patch version is changed only when a trivial change or bug fix is released. No other substantive change in simulation results should be expected.


The build number is changed every time a new changeset is incorporated into a build of the simulation. If the build includes a local modification that is not included in the repository, the build number will have the letter "M" appended.


A new name is assigned to each branch. Names are assigned alphabetically based of WECC [1] 500kV busses. See the History page for details on the branch names.

Version Format

For release builds of GridLAB-D the version information is displayed as follows

host% gridlabd --version
GridLAB-D 3.0.0-2746 (Grizzly)
          ^ ^ ^ ^    ^
          | | | |    +------- Branch name   - Alphabetic sequence named after WECC transmission system buses.
          | | | +------------ Build number  - A unique number that identifies which revision the build is based on.
          | | +-------------- Path number   - A sequence number identifying which patch the version is.
          | +---------------- Minor version - Identifies the minor version number. Minor versions are backward compatible within a major version.
          +------------------ Major version - Identifies the major version number. Major versions are not backward compatible with previous major versions.

For development builds the branch information will indicate which code tree base was built and a summary of how it was modified. See svn help status for details on the modification flags.


The version number can be used for conditional tests in GLM files

#if ${version.major}<3
// version 2 code ...
// version 3 code ...

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