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I am interested in working on GridLAB-D. Are there any sources of government funding you can recommend? 
No. In fact, it is expected that in time, GridLAB-D will be supported by the collective contributions of users and developers without need for government funding.
Will you consider proprietary subsystem/modules as a part of the standard distribution of GridLAB-D? 
No, nor should any critical functionality of GridLAB-D require proprietary subsystems or modules.
Given the short time between releases, are projects mainly to integrate existing technology or can they require substantial R&D effort? 
The integration of existing technology is preferred, at least early on in the development of GridLAB-D. The objective of the open source project is to create the tools needed for conducting research, not to perform the research itself.
What is the typical arrangement for intellectual property? 
Contributors will be responsible for protecting their own intellectual property. Contributors are free to distribute modules they produce in whatever manner they deem appropriate. However, the open source project team reserves the right not to distribute as a part of the standard GridLAB-D distribution any code or module that is not licensed under a GridLAB-style license.
Are there development conference calls or Q&A sessions we can participate in? 
PNNL hosts technical question and answer teleconferences periodically. However, non-technical questions may not be answered.