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This project is to implement a method to link the distribution and transmission of GridLAB-D models for a complete powerflow analysis and add a greater level of detail in modeling a complete system. The final product should solve the power flow from a generator all the way down to individual loads.


The implementation of the Gauss-Seidel Powerflow solver will take the path outlined below. Stage 1 will affect mostly the powerflow module. Stage 2 will affect the powerflow and possibly the network module.

  1. Integrate Gauss-Seidel into powerflow module (distribution systems)
    1. Object changes to reflect Gauss-Seidel method
      1. Node √
      2. Link √
      3. Transformer √
    2. Method to choose solver √
    3. Solving constraints
      1. Iteration limits √
      2. Precision limits √
    4. Validate against known models √
  2. Integrate transmission and distribution power flow solvers
    1. Create integrating object (substation?)
      1. Handle 3-phase to positive sequence interface
      2. Unbalanced power considerations
      3. Ability to handle 4 - 5 feeders
    2. Integration/interaction of modules (Powerflow and Network)
    3. Create necessary secondary objects
      1. Switches
      2. Phase shifters
      3. HVDC intertie
    4. Validate against known models