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Grizzly (Version 2.3) is a current development branch of GridLAB-D and is expected to lead to the release of Grizzly (Version 2.3) in December 2011. The current plans include the following new capabilities:

Analysis objectives

  • Development of microgrid capabilities within GridLAB-D, including the ability to simulate multiple voltage sources, distributed generators, and various other aspects unique to microgrids.
  • Development of CHP models incorporated into GridLAB-D so that waste heat can be used to offset the heating requirements within building models, reducing overall energy and fuel consumption.
  • Development of a microgrid model based on an actual operational system to be determined during the project time interval.
  • Analysis of the developed microgrid model, including the effects on energy efficiency, fuel usage, carbon emissions, and various other metrics.
  • Analysis of the benefits of dual-objective control on the developed microgrid model versus single-objective controls. This will include analysis of benefit metrics such as peak load reduction, carbon emissions, and energy consumption.
  • Analysis of the benefits of CHP on the developed microgrid model, including quantification of decreased carbon emissions and fuel consumption.


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