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This page contains a taxonomy of 24 prototypical radial distribution feeder models, as well as the report describing their design, constructed under funding from the Department of Energy's Modern Grid Initiative. This taxonomy of prototypical feeders was developed in order to give researchers in academia as well as industry access to a set of detailed distribution feeder models that could be used to study and evaluate smart grid technologies on a national level. These feeders are representative of those found in the Continental United States and are designed to work with GridLAB-D version 2.0 and higher.

Modern Grid Initiative Distribution Taxonomy Final Report (PDF 2989KB)

[All Taxonomy Feeders]

Table 1 - Summary of Prototypical Feeders
R1-12.47-1 12.5 7152 Moderate suburban and rural
R1-12.47-2 12.47 2836 Moderate suburban and light rural
R1-12.47-3 12.47 1362 Small urban center
R1-12.47-4 12.47 5334 Heavy suburban
R1-25.00-1 24.9 2105 Light rural

R2-12.47-1 12.47 6046 Light urban
R2-12.47-2 12.47 6098 Moderate suburban
R2-12.47-3 12.47 1411 Light suburban
R2-25.00-1 24.9 17021 Moderate urban
R2-35.00-1 34.5 8893 Light rural

R3-12.47-1 12.47 8417 Heavy urban
R3-12.47-2 12.47 4322 Moderate urban
R3-12.47-3 12.47 7880 Heavy suburban

R4-12.47-1 13.8 5530 Heavy urban with rural spur
R4-12.47-2 12.5 2218 Light suburban and moderate urban
R4-25.00-1 24.9 948 Light rural

R5-12.47-1 13.8 9430 Heavy suburban and moderate urban
R5-12.47-2 12.47 4500 Moderate suburban and heavy urban
R5-12.47-3 13.8 9200 Moderate rural
R5-12.47-4 12.47 7700 Moderate suburban and urban
R5-12.47-5 12.47 8700 Moderate suburban and light urban
R5-25.00-1 22.9 12050 Heavy suburban and moderate urban
R5-35.00-1 34.5 11800 Moderate suburban and light urban

GC-12.47-1 12.47 5200 Single large commercial or industrial

Matlab-based scripts for modifying these feeders to include representative residential loads and exemplary technologies can be found in the source code tree at: [PopulationScript]

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