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Provides objects and solvers needed to calculate steady state and quasi-steady electric system performance.


module powerflow;
module powerflow {
  acceleration_factor 1.4;
  default_maximum_voltage_error 1e-6 V;
  fault_impedance 1e-6+0d Ohm;
  geographic_degree 0.0;
  line_capacitance FALSE;
  lu_solver "";
  maximum_voltage_error 1e-6 V;
  nominal_frequency 60.0 Hz;
  NR_iteration_limit 500;
  NR_superLU_procs 1;
  primary_voltage_ratio 60.0 pu;
  require_voltage_control FALSE;
  show_matrix_values FALSE;
  solver_method FBS;
  warning_underfrequency 55.0 Hz;
  warning_overfrequency 65.0 Hz;
  warning_undervoltage 0.8 pu;
  warning_overvoltage 1.2 pu;
  warning_voltageangle 2.0 deg;



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